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# TORcoin Tornado GR coin, 2 Sqn; 9 Sqn; 12 Sqn; 13 Sqn; 14 Sqn; 15 Sqn; 16 Sqn; 17 Sqn; 20 Sqn; 27 Sqn; 31 Sqn; 41 Sqn; 45 Sqn; 617 Sqn; AWC; TTTE; TWCU

Purchased products will not feature the Squadron Prints watermark. Tornado GR Farewell 'Coin' - something a little different coin wise from the Squadron Prints Team to mark the Tornado Farewell.

A black leather look box measuring 6.8 cm x 8 cm x 3 cm carefully houses a Tornado nickel plated shaped coin.

TORNADO GR is embossed in silver hot foil on the top of the box and inside the lid of the box. The coin fits snugly not a special cut out, but can also sit up, showing wings swept ready to fly into the sky.

This trinket will sit proudly on any desk!