Do you ship to Australia?

Yes, we do ship all over the world but due to BREXIT and COVID-19 we are currently using a Courier Service for packages outside Europe.  For European Services we are using a tracked service.

What packaging do you use for shipping:
  • Prints (up to 20): strong postal tube,
  • Prints (21 and over): flat packed in cardboard box,
  • Patches: padded envelope,
  • Mug: cardboard box,
  • Key fob: padded envelope
My uncle flew Spitfire Vb aircraft with 416 (Canadian) Squadron during World War II. I see you have produced several Spitfire Vb prints in the past. Would you be able to produce a single copy of a print with the markings of 416 Sqn and a specific tail number?

Creating a Squadron Print involves quite a bit of research, both on the specific aircraft and the Squadron history. Although it sounds quite easy ‘just to change the aircraft markings’ it is always more complicated than that. As we are so proud to produce accurate and detailed images, we want to get it right. Simply changing the aircraft markings is just not good enough for us. Unfortunately, this means that creating such ‘one off’ print is a lot more expensive than buying a previously produced print (these were all commissioned in larger quantities for squadrons or organisations).

My dad flew Vickers Valiants with 148 Squadron, Royal Air Force. I really admire your work. Would you be able to produce one print for me, and how much would this cost?

We would love to, but it would be rather expensive. We pride ourselves in detail and accuracy and creating new artwork is therefore a timely process. From experience more often than not, these ‘one off’ prints are too expensive to produce. However, please contact us for further details.

Someone was selling a print on Ebay but it was slightly damaged. The information shows it was produced by Squadron Prints. However, I can’t see it in your on-line shop. Do you still have this print available or will it be back in stock?

Since Squadron Prints started in 1977, we have produced a lot of different aircraft prints. Some, mostly older ones, are out of stock. If a print is not listed in our on-line shop, then it will be out of stock and unfortunately, we will not be able to re-print them.

Your prints measure 43.8 cm by 29.2 cm (or 17 ¼ “ by 11 ½ “). Would you be able to get a print in a smaller, or larger, size?

All the prints listed on our web site have been commissioned in the past and have already been printed. Therefore we can not change the size of these products.

I have found a print in your on-line shop that I really like, but I would rather have this image on a coffee mug. Would this be possible?

Yes, we can do this for you. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be able to produce your personalised mug.

What is the minimum order for personalised ceramics (mug)?

The minimum order for mugs is just 1 item.


Our prints measure 43.8 cm x 29.2 cm (17 ¼” by 11 ½”), which is as bespoke size and not the same as A3. It is therefore nearly impossible to find ready made frames that will fit our prints exactly. It is better to buy a larger frame and cut a mount (mate) to make the print fit in the frame. A much better option is to talk to your local framer for a bespoke frame. This way your beautiful print will be displayed in the nicest possible way and exactly to your requirements.