#1120 KF-16C Fighting Falcon

KF-16C Fighting Falcon
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KF-16C Fighting Falcon
92-001; 92-002
120 FS, 20 FW
Seosan AB, Republic of Korea
Repubic of Korea - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 1120 - KF-16C Fighting Falcon, 92-001 & 92-002, 120th Fighter Squadron, 20th Fighter Wing, Seosan AB, Republic of Korea. The 120th FS Fighter Squadron was established on 1 March 1969 at Kangreung AB. The Squadron flew F-5A/Bs for 22 years until it was de-activated in 1991. The Squadron was re-activated at Jungwon AB in 1994 with the first 4 KF-16s (including Tail Number 92-4001) delivered from the US under the KFP (Korean Fighter Project). The first KF-16 manufactured in Korea was delivered to the 120th FS on 1 June 1995. In 1997 the Squadron was moved to its current location of Seosan AB. For over 5 years (1996~2001), as the ROKAF upgraded its inventory to the KF-16, the 120th FS was tasked with training pilots to ”Tame the Viper”. The 120th FS currently employs its Vipers equipped with LANTIRNs, NVG, PWIII LGBs and JDAMs and lethal air to air ordnance providing pinpoint precise strike capability to the ROKAF. The 120th FS “Invincible” Vipers are always ready for combat to protect and serve the Republic of Korea as the first line of defense against all threat. Day or Night; “Noctis in Dies”
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