#1171 KF-16C Fighting Falcon

KF-16C Fighting Falcon
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KF-16C Fighting Falcon
121 FS, 20 FW
Seosan AB, Republic of Korea
Repubic of Korea - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 1171 - KF-16C Fighting Falcon, 01-510, 121st Fighter Squadron, 20th Fighter Wing, Seosan AB, Republic of Korea. The 121st Fighter Squadron was formed on 1 March, 1972 at Suwon AB. The Squadron flew F-86F for 12 years. On 13 November, 1984, it was re-activated with the F-5E/F and, once more, ready to defend the Nation. Due to re-organizations the Squadron disbanded after seven years, but the 121st was re-activated again at Seosan AB on 1 June, 1998 under the KFP (Korean Fighter Program) planning. KFP II saw additional KF-16s being manufactured in Korea and the first, 01-510, was delivered to the 121st FS in 2001. The Squadron currently employs its Vipers equipped with LANTIRNs, NVG, LGBs, JDAMs, HARM, HARPOON and lethal air to air ordnance providing powerful strike capability, thus defening not only the skies, but also the land and sea, during the day and night. The lethal 121st FS Vipers are always ready for combat to protect and serve the Republic of Korea as the first line of defense against all threats. “Sea Eagles 121! Fight in a body for the win”