#1223 Hawk Mk65

Hawk Mk65
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Hawk Mk65
21 Sqn
Tabuk, King Falsal AB
Saudi Arabia - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 1223 - Hawk Mk65, 2111, 21st Squadron, King Faisal Air Base, Royal Saudi Air Force. Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) 21st Squadron was formed in October 1987 within 3rd Flying wing, King Abdulaziz Air Base (KAAB), Dhahran. During the last quarter of 1987, the Squadron received a total of 30 BAE Systems Hawk Mk. 65 advanced combat trainers/strike aircraft. This fleet was supplemented in December 1997 by the delivery of an additional 24 Hawk Mk. 65A aircraft. These aircraft equipped the newly formed 79th Squadron. Between January and March 2000, both 21st Squadron and 79th Squadron were relocated to King Faisal Air Base (KFAB), Tabuk. The Hawk Mk. 65/65A is an all-metal, low wing, transonic, tandem seat aircraft with a maximum take-off weight of 16,700lbs. A Rolls Royce Turboméca Adour 861A turbofan engine powers the aircraft. The RSAF employs both the Hawk Mk. 65 and the Hawk Mk. 65A, in the training role. This role includes ab-initio fast jet training, fighter weapons training in both the air to air and air to ground role, Weapon System Operator training, Flying Instructor training and post graduate fighter flying training. A Secapem Towed Target System, carried on the centre-line station, enables air to air gunnery practice to be carried out. The aircraft has a secondary war role and is capable of carrying 6600Ibs of various air to air and air to ground munitions on five stores stations. These include the AIM-9L Sidewinder and Matra Magic air to air missiles, a 30mm Aden cannon, rocket projectiles, various low drag HE bombs, Mk. 82 Snake-eye retarded bombs and BL755 CBUs. The aircraft depicted is Hawk Mk65 2111 of 21st Squadron, RSAF, based at KFAB, Tabuk. Illustrated in its war role the aircraft is armed with a 30mm Mk. 5 Aden Gun pod on the centerline, a pair of Mk. 83 1000lb general purpose HE bombs on the inboard pylons and two Mk. 20 Rockeye Cluster Bombs on the outboard pylons.
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