#1294 Hawk T2

Hawk T2
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Hawk T2
ZK020 'K'
4 Sqn
RAF Valley
UK - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 1294 - Hawk T2, ZK020 \'K\', IV(R) Squadron, RAF Valley. Formed at Farnborough in September 1912, No IV Squadron had a variety of aircraft at the outbreak of the First World War. The Squadron moved to France in August 1914 to provide the BEF with reconnaissance facilities and continued in this role together with Artillery spotting and photography. BE2Cs were flown from April 1915 and RE8s from June 1917. Returning to the UK in February 1919 the Squadron disbanded in September but reformed in April 1920 with Bristol Fighters and, apart for a short period in Turkey, remained in England flying Atlas, Audax and Hector aircraft before being equipped with Lysanders in January 1939. During this period all squadrons of the RAF were authorised to include their role in the Squadron title, and so from May 1924, No IV Squadron was officially re-designated as No IV(Army Co-Operation) Squadron. During the Second World War the Squadron was engaged in Army Co-Operation duties and later concentrated on photographic missions using types as varied as Lysanders, Tomahawks, Mustangs, Mosquitos, Spitfires and Typhoons from bases in the UK and, later the European mainland. After the War the Squadron remained at Celle in Germany but later moved to other bases where it successively equipped with Mosquitos, Vampires, Sabres and Hunters flying in the fighter reconnaissance role as part of the 2nd ATAF. In 1970 No IV (AC) Squadron became the first unit in RAF Germany to receive VSTOL Harriers and in 1977 it moved from Wildenrath to Gütersloh. The Squadron was the last to operate the Harrier GR3 and re-equipped with the GR7 in 1990. In 1992 it moved from Gütersloh to Laarbruch and within 6 months was again operational, enforcing the Northern Iraqi No Fly Zone from Incirlik, Turkey. In 1995 the Squadron flew from Italy in support of operations over the troubled Former Yugoslavia. With the closure of Laarbruch, the Squadron moved to Cottesmore in 1999, as a member of Joint Force Harrier. The Squadron continued their noteworthy operational contributions, by conducting missions over Iraq as part of Operation TELIC and Afghanistan as part of Operation HERRICK. With the disbandment of No 20(R) Squadron, No IV(AC) squadron took on the role of the Harrier Operational Conversion Unit. Based at RAF Wittering and flying the Harrier GR9 and T12 the Squadron was re-designated as IV(R) Squadron. The Squadron was placed on the dormant list in January 2011, reactivating at RAF Valley in November 2011. Flying the Hawk T2, IV(R) Squadron is now responsible for the training of all Royal Air Force and Royal Navy fast jet pilots. This latest version of the Hawk aircraft boasts a cockpit and mission system representative of modern 4th and 5th generation aircraft types allowing complex skill sets such as beyond visual range missile combat to be downloaded from the Operational Conversion Units. This innovative approach to flying training ensures that the ab-initio pilots of the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy can be trained to fly the most modern and technologically advanced Front Line aircraft in the world in an effective and efficient manner.