#1390CU F-15C Eagle

F-15C Eagle
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F-15C Eagle
86-0157 '390 FS'
390 FS, 366 Wg
Mountain Home AFB, Idaho
US - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 1390CU - F-15C Eagle, 86-0157, 390th Fighter Squadron, 366th Fighter Wing, Mountain Home AFB, Idaho. The 390th Fighter Squadron (Single-Engine) was constituted on 24 May 1943 and activated on 1 June 1943 at Richmond Army Air Base, Virginia. At Richmond, and later at Bluethenthal Field, North Carolina, the squadron flew the P-47 Thunderbolt. By the end of the year, the squadron was reassigned, with the rest of the 366th Group, to the European Theater. They arrived at Membury, England on 10 January 1944 where activities centered on gaining additional training to prepare the squadron for combat. On 1 March 1994, the 390th moved to Thruxton, England and it flew its first combat missions shortly after the relocation. By 16 March the unit gained its first victory against enemy aircraft. The 390th flew missions during the D-Day Invasion and throughout the push through Europe. The squadron moved to France on 20 June 1994, relocated to Belgium and into Germany in April 1945. After the Nazi capitulation, the 390th remained in Germany as part of the occupation forces, however, it was inactivated on 20 June 1946. On 1 January 1953, the unit was activated again at Alexandria (later England) Air Force Base, Louisiana as the 390th Fighter Bomber Squadron, flying the F-51 Mustang. It wasn’t long, however, before they transitioned to the F-86 Sabre. This jet was replaced by the F-84 Thunderstreak in 1954 and again in 1957 by the F-100 Super Sabre. On 1 July 1958 the squadron was re-designated the 390th Tactical Fighter Squadron, before being inactivated on 1 April 1959. Three years later, on 30 April 1962 the 390th TFS was activated once more, this time at Chaumont Air Base, France. The 366th TFW managed three satellite bases and as such, the 390th TFS was stationed at nearby Chambley, flying the F-84F Thunderstreak. Their stay in France was short-lived as by July 1963 the entire wing moved to Holloman Air Force Base, New Mexico. After arrival, the 390th transitioned to the F-4C Phantom. With the conflict in Southeast Asia escalating, the squadron deployed to Asia on 29 October 1965. It first operated out of Clark Air Base in the Philippines and moved to Da Nang, Vietnam on 17 November 1965 were it remained until 30 June 1972. Whilst in Vietnam, the 390th transitioned to the F-4D and then later to the F-4E. The 390th was then moved to Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho and it became an F-111F Squadron. It was with this aircraft that the 390th deployed to South Korea in August 1976 and reached full alert status only 31 hours after receiving the launch notification. In 1977, a modernization program of the USAF in Europe saw the 390th transitioning to the F-111A, freeing up the F-111Fs for the units in England. On 1 October 1982 the 390th TFS was inactivated, however this lasted only for a few months as the unit was re-designated as the 390th Electronic Combat Squadron and activated again on 15 December that same year, operating the EF-111A Raven. After several deployments, including Desert Storm, the 390th ECS transferred its lineage to the 429th ECS on 11 September 1992 and on the same date the unit was re-designated the 390th Fighter Squadron. The unit transitioned to the F-15C Eagle and operated as an Air Superiority Squadron from Mountain Home Air Force Base. Here the 390th FS flew eighteen F-15C/D aircraft and was part of the USAF Air Expeditionary Wing. It was re-designated again on 27 September 2010 as the 390th Electronic Combat Squadron and flying operations with the F-15 Eagle ceased.