#1516 UH-60M Blackhawk

UH-60M Blackhawk
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UH-60M Blackhawk
C Co 2-147th Av Rgt
Boone, Iowa
US - Army
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 1516 - 14-20629 'Grave Digger', UH-60M Black Hawk, C Co 2-147th Aviation Regiment, Boone Iowa. Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 147th Aviation Regiment’s history is distinct and decorated. Charlie Company was organized and federally recognized in January 1919 at St. Paul, MN as Delta Company, 6th Infantry, Iowa National Guard. The company re-designated December 1923 as an element of the 34th Infantry Division. The Aviation Brigade, 34th Infantry Division reorganized in 1995 and formed the 2nd Battalion, 135th General Support Aviation Battalion (GSAB) Light Utility Helicopter Company which later transformed into Charlie Company, 2nd Battalion, 147th Aviation Regiment (Air Assault) in 2002. The unit served in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2006-2007 during the Surge. In April 2010, Charlie Company “The Griffins” mobilized to deploy to Kosovo in support of Kosovo Force (KFOR) 13. While in Kosovo, the Griffins set themselves apart, flying over 2,400 hours on missions for air movement, Distinguished Visitor (DV) transport, Quick Reaction Force (QRF), border security, sling loads, and reconnaissance while operating 24 hours a day. The Forward Aerial Refueling Point team pumped more than 275,000 gallons of fuel and the Aviation Unit Maintenance Soldiers maintained the aircraft above Army standards. The efforts of Charlie Company helped to provide a secure environment and freedom of movement for the people of Kosovo. In June 2014, the Griffins were again mobilized to deploy—this time in support of Operation Enduring Freedom Kuwait. The mission was supposed to be routine partnership and security but quickly evolved into much more as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) moved aggressively into the region. During post-mobilization training and validation at North Fort Hood, Texas Charlie Company set itself apart from the other companies in Task Force Shield (a multi-state organization headquartered by the 2-147th out of St. Paul, MN) by flying over 600 hours in training and mission-related flights. They also conducted environmental qualifications at Fort Bliss, Texas. In August, the task force deployed to Kuwait to take over the Spartan Shield mission. In late September, the Griffins were notified of mission requirements in Iraq and started preparation for the move. By the end of October, a team of 12 pilots and crew chiefs (“The Dirty Dozen”) moved north to assume the only conventional Army aviation air movement mission in Iraq since 2011. This small team established a complex operation with minimal resources and set the conditions for the majority of the unit, along with a larger helicopter task force, to move into Iraq in support of Operation Inherent Resolve. By January 2015, the majority of the unit was in Iraq at two main locations—Baghdad (later Taji) and Erbil—performing air movement operations, MEDEVAC and MEDEVAC chase, and providing QRF coverage. The Griffins supported multi-national and inter-service partners from all branches of the military, both conventional and Special Forces and performed at a high level while flying over 2500 hours (nearly 800 combat hours). During this period of time, Charlie Company earned the US Army Aviation Safety Excellence Award, The Department of the Army Superior Unit Award, and the National Guard Bureau Eisenhower Trophy.