#804CU Jaguar GR3A, 54 Squadron print

Jaguar GR3A, 54 Squadron print
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Jaguar GR3A
XZ112 'GA'
54 Sqn
RAF Coltishall
UK - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 804CU - XZ112 'GA', Jaguar GR3A, 54(F) Squadron, RAF Coltishall.

No. 54 Squadron formed on 16 May 1916 at Castle Bromwich and moved to France for fighter duties in December flying Sopwith Pups in the bomber escort and balloon attack roles.  Ground Attack was added to the Squadron’s duties in November 1917, and the Pup was replaced by the Camel.  Following post-war disbandment in October 1919, the Squadron reformed at Hornchurch on 15 January 1930, flying Siskins in the fighter role.  Bulldogs, Gauntlets and Gladiators were all flown during the 1930s, before the Squadron re-equipped with Spitfire Is in March 1939.  Charged with providing fighter cover for south-east England, 54 Squadron flew in support of the Dunkirk evacuation and was the highest scoring RAF fighter squadron during the Battle of Britain.  After 18 months of providing convoy escort and conducting fighter sweeps over occupied France, 54(F) Squadron moved to Richmond, Australia in August 1942.  It remained on fighter duties in Australia until its disbandment in Melbourne on 31 October 1945.  Only two weeks later the Squadron reformed in England at RAF Chilbolton, flying Tempest IIs.  The jet age arrived with the introduction of the Vampire, and in July 1948 the Squadron undertook the first solo jet crossing of the Atlantic from its new base at RAF Odiham.  The Vampires were replaced by Meteor F8s, then Hunter F1s, F4s and F6s in the late 1950s.  In March 1960 the Squadron changed to the Ground Attack role with its absorption into 38 Group, a role that it has retained until the present day.  In September 1969 the Squadron moved to RAF Coningsby and re-equipped once more, this time with the Phantom FGR2.  After five years of operating the Phantom, 54(F) returned to its single-seat roots with conversion to the Jaguar GR1 and relocated to RAF Coltishall on 8 August 1974.  Following the end of the Cold War the Squadron flew the Jaguar in anger during the Gulf War of 1991, specialising in the medium level ground attack role; artillery, anti-shipping missiles and surface-to-air missile sites were all typical targets.  From September 1991 to April 1993 the Squadron policed the Northern Iraq ‘No Fly Zone’, before events in Europe led to further operational duties flying over Bosnia from 1993 until 1998.  In January 1999, No. 54(F) Squadron returned to the skies over Iraq. The aircraft depicted above has been modified to Jaguar GR3A standard.  Sidewinder AIM-9L missiles are carried overwing with a fuel tank and Electronic Countermeasures pod visible under the port wing.  Under the fuselage a Paveway III 2000lb Laser Guided Bomb (LGB) is fitted. Major enhancements to the avionics suite have been the cornerstone of the upgrade programme, the Jaguar GR3A has GPS satellite and terrain reference navigation systems, a new Head Up Display, and multi-function cockpit display.  The aircraft can carry the TIALD Laser Designation pod to designate targets for its own or other LGBs. The special markings applied to the Jaguar depicted above commemorate the disbandment of 54(F) Squadron on 13th March, 2005 at RAF Coltishall.