#376A Northrop N-3PB 330 Sqn Norway

Northrop N-3PB 330 Sqn Norway
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Northrop N-3PB
20 'U'
330 Sqn
RNNAS Corbett Camp
Norway - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograpgh No. 376A - Northrop N-3PB, No. 20 'U', 330 (Norwegian) Squadron, RNAAS Corbett Camp, Iceland.

330 Squadron was formed in Iceland on 25 April 1941 as the first Norwegian Squadron within the RAF. Its first personnel were officers and men of the Royal Norwegian Naval Air Service who, having escaped from their occupied country, were eager to continue the fight from abroad. 330 established its Headquarters at Corbett Camp near Reykjavik equipped with new Northrop N-3PB seaplanes. The “NORWEGIAN - 3man PATROL BOMBER” was in production for the Norwegian Government at the outbreak of war but, with the occupation of the country, delivery was effected overseas and a unit was established to operate the aircraft abroad. With the N-3PB, which proved to be the fastest military seaplane of that time, 330 Squadron also established flights at Akureyri and Budareyri. Convoy escort and anti U-boat operations became the Squadron’s main task with the aircraft posing a great threat to U-boats and making their task more difficult. Between June and December 1942 the Squadron also operated Consolidated Catalina Mk.lll amphibians but in January 1943 330 moved to Oban in Scotland and re-equipped with Short Sunderland Mk.ll and Ill flying boats. In April 1943 the Budareyri flight which had remained in Iceland ceased operations and its personnel joined the Squadron at Oban. Most of the N-3PBs were now withdrawn and only two aircraft were brought from Iceland. In June 1943 330 Squadron transferred to Sullom Voe in the Shetland Islands where it was based for the remainder of the war receiving Sunderland Mk.Vs in April 1945. Two months later the Squadron returned home to a free Norway, but disbanded in January 1946.

330 Squadron reformed at Gardermoen Air Station in July 1953 with Republic F-84E and G Thunderjets and in August 1956 transferred to Rygge Air Station where it disbanded again in July 1958. The Squadron reformed at Sola Air Station in March 1962 with Grumman HU-16B/ASW Albatrosses but disbanded in October 1968. In April 1973 330 Squadron reformed with Westland Mk.43 Sea Kings which it still operates from Bodø, Banak, Ørland and Sola Air Stations.

The “Northrop” pictured above appears as it was when serving at Budareyri in 1943. On 21 April 1943 “U” forcelanded and sunk in the river Thjorsa piloted by Lt. Wsewolod Bulukin and Qm. Leif Rustad. Both men survived.
In August 1979 the aircraft was recovered and totally restored at the Northrop Corporation. Today “U” resides at the Norwegian Armed Forces Museum/Air Collection.