#1716 349 Sqn F-16AM print

349 Sqn F-16AM print
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F-16AM Fighting Falcon
349 Sqn
Kleine Brogel
Belgium - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 1716 - FA116, F-16AM, No. 349 (Belgian) Squadron, 10 Wing Tac, Kleine Brogel Air Base.

After 80 years of service, No. 349 (Belgian) Squadron stands as a symbol of valor and resilience. Through numerous operations, the squadron has shown unwavering dedication. Now, as it embraces the future with the F-35, No. 349 Squadron honors its past while eagerly preparing for what lies ahead. The squadron’s legacy is a testament to its brave members who served under its banner. Their courage and selflessness have left an indelible mark. From World War II to subsequent conflicts, No. 349 Squadron exemplified airmanship and professionalism. The future arrival of the F-35 will mark a new chapter in the squadron’s history. With advanced capabilities and unmatched versatility, the aircraft represents the pinnacle of technology. With a bright future on the F-35, 349 will remain committed to preserving peace, safeguarding our skies, and upholding its core values. As it transitions to the F-35, the squadron’s pursuit of excellence continues. By paying homage to its past, No. 349 Squadron embraces future challenges. Its pilots and ground crew are ready to protect our nation, demonstrating professionalism in the face of evolving warfare. Commemorating 80 years, we reflect on the squadron’s remarkable journey with an incredible new special tail, representing both a glorious past and a bright future. We extend gratitude to all who served under its colors. No. 349 (Belgian) Squadron stands as a testament to enduring spirit, prepared to carve a path of excellence with the remarkable F-35 aircraft.