#545 P-3C Orion

P-3C Orion
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P-3C Orion
NAS Jacksonville, Florida
US - Navy
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 545 - 158219, P-3C Orion, Patrol Squadron FORTY-FIVE 'VP-45', NAS Jacksonville. Patrol Squadron FORTY-FIVE (VP-45), homeported onboard Naval Air Station Jacksonville, Florida, was initially commissioned Patrol Squadron TWO ZERO FIVE (VP-205) in 1942 at Naval Air Station Norfolk, Virginia. Flying a complement of thirteen PBM Mariners, VP-205 soon joined the Pacific Fleet at NAS Kaneohe, Hawaii, and in 1945 carried out missions of ASW, surveillance, and search and rescue throughout the western Pacific during World War ll. Upon the close of WWII, VP-205 returned to Norfolk, and in 1946, the squadron moved to Naval Air Facility Bermuda, where the squadron changed to its present designation as VP-45 “Pelicans”. VP-45 transitioned to P-5M Marlin Seaplanes in 1951, and throughout this decade and the early 1960's assisted the Atlantic Fleet through developments in anti-submarine tactics as well as supporting operations during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Jacksonville became the Pelican's homeport in 1964, and during this same year, VP-45 transitioned to the Lockheed P-3A Orion. Thus began the Pelican‘s distinguished relationship with this remarkable multi mission / ASW platform. Constant improvements to the ASW suite inside the Orion led the Pelicans to transition to several variants of the P-3 during the 1970's and 1980's. In 1988, VP-45 received the most sophisticated model of the Orion, the P-3C Update III. Flying the Orion, the Pelicans deployed throughout the Atlantic and Mediterranean, maintaining a highly effective deterrent to modem Soviet submarines and surface combatants during the height of the Cold War. In the 1990's, VP-45 led the way in expanding the multi-mission capability of the P-3. From conducting counter-drug operations in the Caribbean, to tactical reconnaissance intelligence over Bosnia, the Pelicans proved the Orion to be the most versatile and effective platform not only for today, but for years to come. Wherever the crisis, whatever the mission, the Pelicans of Patrol Squadron FORTY-FIVE are “on patroI".