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# MAR03 RAF Marham Coin, 9 Sqn; 31 Sqn; 617 Sqn



RAF Marham Coin


RAF Marham

Air Arm

UK - Air Force
Size: 50 mm x 4 mm
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Purchased products will not feature the Squadron Prints watermark. Crew coin for RAF Marham, in a black velvet box. One side of the coin shows RAF Marham's badge, whilst the reverse side shows an RAF100 logo and some of the prominent aircraft that have flown from the station. The inside of the coins 'spins'. The coin is in an 'antique silver' finish.

A silver coloured RAF Marham badge is printed inside the lid of the velvet box, and the top of the velvet box is imprinted with 'Royal Air Force Marham'.

Please note: three boxes and two coins are depicted to show the design and finish. The price shown is for one coin in one box only. The coin measures 50 mm x 3 mm.