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# SP209 TLP 17-1, TLP

Purchased products will not feature the Squadron Prints watermark. Squadron Prints Lithograph No. SP209 - Tactical Leadership Programme, Flying Course 17-1, Albacete, Spain.

The Tactical Leadership Programme (TLP) increases the effectiveness of allied air forces through development of leadership skills, mission planning, briefing, tactical air operations and debriefing skills including conceptual and doctrinal initiatives. TLP prepares NATO and allied flight leaders to be mission commanders leading composite air operations. TLP introduces new NATO partners and allies to NATO tactical air operations and provides tactical air expertise to NATO agencies. TLP commits to these tasks by training and instructing allied personnel in flying and academic courses and facilitates an international forum to discuss tactical issues. The team at TLP is proud of its reputation for providing excellent training, fostering friendships and encouraging the spirit of cooperation between nations. There is no doubt that generations of airmen have greatly benefited from lessons learned as TLP participants.