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# SP84-set Flypast-GoldenJubilee, 99 Sqn; 216 Sqn; 31 Sqn; 23 Sqn; 56 Sqn; 10 Sqn; 6 Sqn; 201 Sqn; 39 Sqn; The Queen's Flight; 32 Sqn; British Aerospace; British Airways; The Red Arrows

Purchased products will not feature the Squadron Prints watermark. On 4 June 2002, twenty-six aircraft from the Royal Air Force together with a British Airways Concorde staged a spectacular flypast over Buckingham Palace as a finale to a weekend of celebrations to mark HM The Queen’s Golden Jubilee.

50 Squadron Prints were on board of each of the lead aircraft. Each print was signed by the crew on board, enabling us to make up this unique set of prints. Unfortunately, one of the prints was misplaced for a number of years and has just been found, hence the reason for the delay in bringing this unique set on the market.

The set contains of 15 Squadron Prints, of which 14 are signed:

SP83 - Her Majesty The Queen’s Golden Jubilee flypast print (unsigned)
699 - C-17A Globemaster of 99 Squadron (signed)
626 - Tristar KC1 of 216 Squadron (signed)
631A - Tornado GR4 of 31 Squadron (signed)
523A - Sentry AEW1 of 23 Squadron (signed)
656 - Tornado F3 of 56 Squadron (signed)
690 - VC10 C1K of 10 Squadron (signed)
506 - Jaguar GR1B of 6 Squadron (signed)
598 - Nimrod MR2 of 201 Squadron (signed)
639 - Canberra PR9 of 39(1PRU) Squadron (signed)
300 - BAe.146 CC2 of The Queen’s Flight (signed)
332 - BAe.125-700B of 32 Squadron (signed)
SP39 - BAe Systems Eurofighter Typhoon (signed)
A10 - Concorde of British Airways, A4 size print (signed)
SP83 - Hawk T1A of The Red Arrows (signed)

Limited Edition of 50 sets. Each individual print is embossed with the Squadron Prints Limited Edition stamp and each print is numbered. Each set does come with a certificate of authenticity.

Please note:

Although we take great care with handling our prints, signed prints may have scuff marks or dents after being signed by several aircrew in their crew room. They might not be 100% pristine due to watches scraping the paper, flying gloves not being clean, general handling and, at times, being shipped half way around the world and back.

Each print measures 43.8 cm x 29.2 cm, except Squadron Print A10, which measures 29.7 cm x 21 cm.