#SP149CU Nimrod MR1 & Nimrod MR2

Nimrod MR1 & Nimrod MR2
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Nimrod MR2
XV250; XV226; XZ280; XV253
201 Sqn; 206 Sqn; 120 Sqn; 42 Sqn; 203 Sqn
RAF Kinloss; RAF St. Mawgan; RAF Luqa
UK - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. SP149CU - Nimrod MR1 & Nimrod MR2, 41 Years of Service, 'Nimrod - The Mighty Hunter 1969 - 2010'. The 1970s will perhaps be remembered for the outstanding contribution to the Fastnet yacht race when Nimrods co-ordinated the rescue of 139 survivors; the Force also played a key role in the ‘Cod War’ by conducting surveillance patrols around the UK’s 200 mile exclusive Economic Zone but always, in the background, was the Nimrod’s essential role keeping tabs on the Soviet submarine force. The Falklands conflict in the 1980s saw the Nimrod Force quickly adapt to the Air to Air Re-fuelling role thus enabling lengthy patrols to be conducted at great distance in the South Atlantic searching for enemy surface vessels and submarines. The Force also provided vital support to the Royal Navy task force and the Vulcan Black Buck bombing raids. Two Search and Rescue incidents marked the decade: the Piper Alpha oil rig disaster, where Nimrods acted as on-scene co-ordinator and the rescue of Richard Branson as his attempt at a high speed Atlantic crossing record came unstuck. Deployed operations continued through the 1990s with support to coalition forces involved in the Liberation of Kuwait and maritime patrols to maintain the EU and UN sponsored blockade of Serbia and Montenegro. 2000 onwards saw the Nimrod Force in continuous demand supporting overland operations in both Iraq and Afghanistan in addition to its routine maritime commitments. Throughout this period the force was involved in many operations crucial to campaign momentum and continuity, often involving direct support to ground troops under fire. The aircraft depicted on this print pay tribute to four decades of Nimrod Maritime and ISTAR Operations and those that flew, maintained and supported the aircraft and her crews.