#1423 AV-8B Harrier II

AV-8B Harrier II
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EA-6B Prowler; KC-130J Hercules; AV-8B Harrier-II; TAV-8B Harrier II; RQ-21 Blackjack
164113 '01'; 165307; 163045; 168071
MCAS Cherry Point, North Carolina
US - Marine Corps
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No, 1423 - Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14, Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point. Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14 (MALS-14) activated on 1 March 1942 at Camp Kearney, CA, as Headquarters and Service Squadron 14 (H&HS-14), Marine Aircraft Group 14 (MAG-14). On 1 July 1942, H&HS-14 re-designated as Headquarters Squadron 14 and later embarked for the Pacific Theater of World War II. The squadron supported allied forces in the battle of Guadalcanal in November 1942, the amphibious landing at Bougainville during November 1943, the Solomon Islands in February 1944, and Okinawa in May 1945. Following the close of hostilities with Japan, the H&HS-14 remained in Okinawa as part of the occupation force. In February 1946 the squadron moved to MCAS Oak Grove, New Bern, NC. During the Korean War, MALS-14 supported Operations CAMID II, COMBINE, and SEMINOLE. On 15 June 1952, Headquarters Squadron 14 re-designated as Headquarters and Headquarters Squadron 14 (H&HS-14) and relocated to Edenton, NC. On 15 February 1954 H&HS-14 again re-designated as Headquarters and Maintenance Squadron 14 (H&MS-14). The squadron relocated in 1958 to MCAS Cherry Point, NC. On 1 October 1988, H&MS-14 re-designated and re-organized as Marine Aviation Logistics Squadron 14 (MALS-14). In July 1989, MALS-14 was awarded the Meritorious Unit Commendation for service from 1 July 1986 to 1 August 1988. Subsequent to Iraq’s invasion of Kuwait on 3 August 1990, MALS-14 coordinated and led the consolidation of Marine Aviation logistics resources from all USMC MALS assigned to 2d Marine Aircraft Wing (MAW) forming MALS-14 Forward (FWD). MALS-14 facilitated 2d MAW’s maintenance facilities (MFs) the load plan and personnel aboard the SS WRIGHT and SS CURTISS. On 27 August 1990, MALS-14 deployed forward to the Persian Gulf in support of Operation DESERT SHIELD, and deployed as the first fully-functional MALS in theater. MALS-14 provided logistical support to 4th MEB and additional elements of I MEF. In December 1990, MALS-14 transferred from CG, 4th MEB to CG, 3d MAW to support MAG-13 at King Abdul Aziz Naval Base, Saudi Arabia for Operations DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM, concluding the first combat deployment for the squadron since the Korean War. MALS-14 was awarded the Marine Corps Aviation Association’s “MALS of the Year” Award and the Navy Unit Commendation Medal. In 1993, MALS-14 assisted in the planning and execution of MALS-32’s deactivation and the transfer of MAG-32’s remaining structure to MALS-14. In December of 1998, a MALS-14 Support Element deployed to Aviano Air Base (AB), Italy, to support Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Squadron operations in Turkey for 22 EA-6B Prowlers. A MALS-14 contingent remained in Aviano following combat operations executing the movement of Enhanced Mission Mobile Maintenance Facility One, Logistics Unit One. MALS-14 continued to provide support to Marine Attack Squadrons and the 22nd, 24th, and 26th MEUs in the Mediterranean and the Balkans. On 29 January 2003, MALS-14 deployed 180 Marines aboard the SS WRIGHT and 100 Marines on the USS BATAAN in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. Following the return of the SS WRIGHT in early 2003, MALS-14 went ashore and sustained combat operations in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM II at Al Asad Air Base, Iraq. From 2004 through 2007, MALS-14 deployed more than 300 Marines per year to OCONUS locations and aboard MEUs in support of Operations IRAQI and ENDURING FREEDOM. In 2008, MALS-14 deployed more than 150 Marines with four EA-6B and two KC-130 squadrons to Al Asad AB in support of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM in addition to three combat MEUs. In February 2009, MALS-14 deployed and established MALS-40 (FWD) in support of MEB-40. In October 2009, MALS-14 Marines deployed with VMAQ-1 to Bagram, Afghanistan, in direct support of CENTCOM operations in Operation ENDURING FREEDOM. An additional detachment of MALS-14 Marines deployed to Kandahar AB, Afghanistan with Marine Attack Squadron 231, Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron-252 (VMGR-252), VMAQ-3, and VMAQ-4 in addtiona to supporting two AV-8B detachments in support of Marine Expedtionary Units. In 2010, MALS-14 provided direct support to VMAQ-1 and VMAQ-2 in Bagram, Afghanistan. MALS-14 also supported three MEUs and VMGR-252 in the Horn of Africa more than 100 Marines. In 2011, MALS-14 continued to support Operation ENDURING FREEDOM with personnel and equipment deployments to MALS-40 and multiple MEU operations. From 2012 to 2016 MALS-14 deployments shifted from Operation ENDURING FREEDOM to Marine Expeditionary Units, Unit Deployment Programs, CENTCOM operations, support of EA-6B deployments to Incirlik AB, Special Purpose Marine Air Group Task Forces (SPMAGTFs) and Operation INHERENT RESOLVE.