#723A Tornado GR4 13 Sqn Special Tail

Tornado GR4 13 Sqn Special Tail
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Tornado GR4
ZA401 'XIII'
13 Sqn
RAF Marham
UK - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 723A - ZA401 'XIII", Tonrado GR4, XIII Squadron, RAF Marham.

No. XIII Squadron formed at Gosport on 10 January 1915 and operated BE 2Cs in France on Army co-operation duties (observation and photographic reconnaissance). During the Battle of the Somme, the Squadron became one of the first to bomb in formation. The Squadron then received RE 8s and the main role continued to be photographic duties. In March 1919, XIII Squadron returned to the UK but was disbanded at Sedgeford on 31 December. The Squadron reformed at Kenley on 1 April 1924 with Bristol F 2B Fighters. During the inter-war years, the Squadron flew Atlas Is, Audaxes and Hectors from various bases in England. In January 1939, the Squadron, now equipped with Lysanders, deployed to France before returning to England in May 1940. Squadron crews subsequently flew Blenheim IVs from July 1941 and the upgraded Blenheim Vs from September 1942. The Squadron moved to North Africa in November 1942, flying anti-shipping raids and was re-equipped with Ventura Vs in October 1943. A move to Egypt followed in December where the Squadron received Martin Baltimores in January 1944 and Bostons in October. In September 1945, the Squadron moved to Greece where it once again disbanded on 19 April 1946, reforming in Egypt on 1 September 1946 equipped with Mosquito PR34s. The Squadron primarily flew photographic survey sorties, assisting in the mapping of North Africa, Arabia, the Eastern Mediterranean and Southern Rhodesia. Meteor PR10s replaced the Mosquitoes in January 1952 and the Squadron moved to Akrotiri, Cyprus in February 1956. The Squadron re-equipped with Canberra PR7s in May 1956 and flew operationally in the Suez campaign. The Squadron also flew the Canberra PR9 from August 1961 until October 1976. In October 1972, the Squadron re-located to Luqa in Malta before returning to RAF Wyton in October 1978 until it’s disbandment in January 1982. XIII Squadron reformed at Honington on 1 January 1990 equipped with Tornado GR1As, operating in the tactical reconnaissance and ground-attack roles. In 1991, XIII Squadron took part in Operation DESERT STORM to assist the liberation of Kuwait from Iraqi occupation forces. The Squadron operated from Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, flying a mixture of reconnaissance and laser designation missions. In the years following the Gulf conflict, the Squadron undertook regular deployments to Saudi Arabia and Turkey to fly a mixture of reconnaissance and attack missions over the Northern and Southern Iraqi No-Fly zones. On February 1994, XIII Squadron moved to Marham and became the first reconnaissance squadron to receive the Tornado GR4A in June 1998. In March 2003, XIII Squadron crews once again flew in conflict over Iraq as part of Operation IRAQI FREEDOM. The crews operated from Kuwait and flew a mixture of low-altitude Scud-hunting missions and medium-altitude Close Air Support, air interdiction and reconnaissance missions. Since the conflict, XIII Squadron has continued to play a leading role in furthering the Close Air Support and reconnaissance capabilities of the Tornado Force. In 2005, XIII squadron celebrated their 90th Annivesary.