#1712 6 FTS Tutor Display 2023 print

6 FTS Tutor Display 2023 print
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RAF Cranwell
UK - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 1712 - Grob Tutor, 6 Flying Training School, RAF Cranwell, RAF Tutor Display Team 2023.

The Grob Tutor is the name given by the Royal Air Force to the Grob G115E. The Tutor is powered by a 180hp Lycoming piston engine and is capable of a max speed of 184kts. The aircraft is limited to 10,000ft as it is not equipped with an oxygen fit capability. It has an empty weight of 657kg, and a wingspan of 10m. The Tutor was built and equipped especially for the RAF in Mattsies, Germany between 1999 and 2002. It originally equipped No 1 Elementary Flying Training School when it replaced the Bulldog. The Tutor then moved to No 3 Flying Training School (3 FTS) before transferring to No 6 FTS at the advent of the new Military Flying Training System. For display flying, the Tutor is not as powerful as purpose-built aerobatic display aircraft, However, this makes for an interesting and challenging display as energy (a combination of speed and height) must be maintained between manoeuvres. This is only possible through smooth and precise handling by the pilot.  The Tutor display will often begin with a dive from height to build up the speed necessary to perform its opening manoeuvres.  It may not be the largest, loudest, or fastest aircraft on the circuit, but this provides the pilot opportunity to showcase their skill and finesse.