#1720 333 FGS F-15E Strike Eagle print

333 FGS F-15E Strike Eagle print
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F-15E Strike Eagle
333 FS, 4 FW
Seymour-Johnson AFB, North Carolina
US - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 1720 - 87-0199 '333 FGS', F-15E Strike Eagle, 333d Fighter Generation Squadron, 4th Fighter Wing, Seymour Johnson AFB, North Carolina.

The 333 Fighter Generation Squadron was activated on 1 October 2021 at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base, North Carolina under the new combat-oriented maintenance organization. The combat-oriented maintenance organization was designed to be a maneuverable organization that is paired with a fighter squadron to easily deploy as a mission generation force element to deter near peer adversaries. Under this new maintenance organization construct, the core mission of the Lancers to train the world’s best fighter pilots and weapons systems officers did not change. The 333 Aircraft Maintenance Unit stood up as a squadron, solidifying itself as the first Formal Training Unit Fighter Generation Squadron in the United States Air Force. During this period, the 333 Fighter Generation Squadron deployed to Joint Base Langley Eustis, Virginia for Exercise RED DAWN. The Lancers deployed 14 aircraft, 233 personnel, 560,000 pounds of cargo and executed 128 sorites with no maintenance cancels and enabled 5th generation combat integration training with the F-22 Raptor. The Lancers continued their success by executing over 3,000 sorties, accomplishing over 45,000 maintenance actions, 1,600 munitions loading operations, and expending 7,000 rounds and 134,000 pounds of explosives, contributing to the 4th Maintenance Group winning the Dedalian Award at 15th Air Force for 2022. Additionally, the studious efforts of the maintainers enabled the 333 Fighter Generation Squadron to graduate a Formal Training Unit class on time for the first time since 2017. The incredible maintenance efforts of the Lancers continued as they led the 4th Fighter Wing in executed flying hours and sorties for Fiscal year 2023, outpacing the other Fighter Generation Squadrons in the 4th Maintenance Group. As a result of their excellence in operations, maintenance discipline, and resiliency during the course of the year, the 333rd Fighter Generation Squadron was named the Squadron of the Year in the 4th Maintenance Group in 2022—further cementing their reputation as being the best Fighter Generation Squadron in the 4th Fighter Wing and honoring the legacy of the Lancer’s. JOUST!