#1142 Hercules C4

Hercules C4
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Hercules C4
47 Sqn; 24 Sqn; 30 Sqn
RAF Brize Norton
UK - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 1142, Hercules C4, ZH871, XXIV, 30 and 47 Squadrons, Royal Air Force Brize Norton. The RAF took delivery of the C-130J in November 1999. XXIV Squadron was the first operational squadron to convert to the aircraft, followed shortly after by 30 Squadron and 47 Squadron. The aircraft was initially employed in the Air Transport role, flying freight and passengers to destinations including the Balkans, the Middle East and Sierra Leone. However, the C-130J earned its spurs in 2002, flying Tactical Air Lift missions into Afghanistan. The C-130J bore the brunt of the RAF’s Tactical Air Lift tasking for Operation TELIC. In addition, the aircraft’s first operational Tactical Air Transport missions were flown into Iraq during the war-fighting phase of the campaign, with Night Vision Goggle low-level re-supply sorties to destinations in southern and central Iraq. A detachment manned by both XXIV and 30 Squadron’ crews was established in May 2003 at Basrah after the end of the war. The squadrons’ operational commitments continued with further service in Afghanistan. Based at Kandahar, the C-130Js have been providing vital Tactical Air Lift and Aerial Delivery support to the enduring NATO and British missions since 2002. In 2011, the C-130J provided Strategic Air Lift support to Operations DEFERENCE and ELLAMY in Libya. The Tactical Air Transport role has continued to progress, with the RAF C-130Js cleared to fly low-level by day and night, drop paratroops at low-level and at high altitude, drop freight and stores using a variety of methods, and land on natural surface strips. XXIV Squadron, 30 Squadron and 47 Squadron continue to train for and deploy on enduring operations.