#1209 MV-22B Osprey

MV-22B Osprey
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MV-22B Osprey
166736 '00'
MCAS New River, North Carolina
US - Marine Corps
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. 1209 - MV-22B Osprey, 166736 \'00\', Marine Medium Tiltrotor Squadron 264 (VMM-264), MCAS New River, New Carolina. Marine Medium Transport Squadron Light 264 was activated on June 30, 1959 to fly the UH-34. In the fall of 1961, it conducted its first mission when the squadron was called upon to assist in the evacuation and resupply of Hurricane Hattie in British Honduras (now Belize). In February, 1962, the squadron was re-designated as Marine Medium Helicopter Squadron 264 (HMM-264) and would remain so for forty-four years. From 1962 to 2009, HMM-264 participated in numerous operations around the world and achieved many firsts in Marine Corps helicopter aviation. On April 1965, HMM-264 conducted the first all-helicopter night assault into an unsecure landing zone during combat conditions. In May 1965, HMM-264 was the first Marine helicopter squadron to conduct 25,000 mishap free flight hours. In 1968, HMM-264 transitioned from the UH-34 to the Boeing-Vertol CH-46 Sea Knight, more affectionately referred to as the “Battle Phrog”. Armed with the mighty Phrog, the squadron supported multiple operations in the Caribbean, South America, and throughout the Mediterranean. In the Spring of 2004, following the departure of the current Haitian President, the Black Knights deployed to Haiti and earned the distinction as the only Marine Helicopter squadron to conduct a self-supporting deployment. In March 2009, after 40 years of service, HMM-264 began its transition to the Bell-Boeing MV-22 Osprey and redesignated as VMM-264. In December 2010, VMM-264 deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom 11.1 (the first time as an Osprey squadron). During the Black Knights’ seven-month deployment, VMM-264 supported over fifty air assaults, conducted 6,530 sorties, lifted 1,004,400 pounds of cargo, transported 24,000 passengers, and logged 2,888 flight hours. VMM-264 was the first tiltrotor squadron to utilize the Containerized Delivery System for air delivery in combat. On June 12, while taking enemy small arms fire, a crew chief from the Black Knights became the first V-22 crew member to engage hostile forces. The Black Knights continue to add to their illustrious history. Through their unwavering devotion and commitment to the mission of Assault Support, the Marines of VMM-264 embody the highest ideals of Naval Aviation and the United States Marine Corps.