#SP201 Tornado GR1, Prisoner of War

Tornado GR1, Prisoner of War
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F-16C Fighting Falcon; F-15E Strike Eagle; A-10A Thunderbolt II; A-6E Intruder; Tornado GR1; F-14A Tomcat; OV-10A Bronco; UH-60L Blackhawk
155424 '15'; 155435 '12'; 161430 '212'; 161668 '510'; 79-0130; 80-0248; 84-1390; 87-0028; 87-0257; 88-1692 '4 TFW'; 89-26214; ZA396 'GE'; ZA403 'CO'; ZD717 'C'; ZD791 'B'
15 Sqn; 10 TFS, 50 TFW; 17 Sqn; 614 TFS, 401 TFW; 5 Allied POW Squadron; 2/229 Avn; 353 TFS; 4 TFW; 76 TFS; VA-35; VF-103; VMO-1; VMO-2
US - Air Force; US - Marine Corps; US - Navy; US - Army; UK - Air Force
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Squadron Prints Lithograph No. SP201 - Fith Allied POW Squadron, Prisoner of War Dinner to commemorate the 25th Anniversary of Gulf War 1/Operation Desert Storm. On 2 August 1990, 100,000 Iraqi troops invaded Kuwait. Spearheaded by three Republican Guard divisions, the operation was well organised with coordinated assaults by helicopter, amphibious landing craft and Special Forces. The invasion was widely condemned and in November 1990 the UN Security Council set a deadline of 15 January 1991 for the Iraqi forces to withdraw from Kuwait. On the night of 16/17 January 1991, coalition air forces began a series of strikes which would continue unabated until the Iraqi surrender on 28 February after an astonishing ground offensive lasting just 100 hours. During the campaign, the Iraqis captured several dozen Allied prisoners. Some aviators and soldiers were captured in the first days of the conflict, others at the very end. Forty-four Allied prisoners were returned to their home countries in early March. These returned POWs formed the 5th Allied POW Squadron. The 5th Squadron follows the 4th Allied POW Wing of the Vietnam War and follows those formed after World War I, World War II, Korea and Vietnam. The motto “Return With Honor” is used as it was after the Vietnam War to indicate the strength and resolve shown by the prisoners during captivity. Note: This print represent the aircraft of the POWs/Widows attending the dinner in February 2016.