#1540 Juno HT1

Juno HT1
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Juno HT1; H135 Juno
202 Sqn; 705 Sqn; DHFS; 60 Sqn; 660 Sqn, AAC; 670 Sqn, AAC
RAF Shawbury
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Squadron Print Lithograph No. 1540 - ZM505, Juno HT1, Defence Helicopter Flying School, RAF Shawbury.

The task of the Defence Helicopter Flying School (DHFS), located at RAF Shawbury, is to provide basic helicopter training for the pilots and rear crew of the three Services. The school was formed on 1 April 1997 operating the Squirrel HT1 and Griffin HT1. On 1 April 2018, DHFS engaged in a new contract, provided by Ascent Flight Training flying the Juno HT1 (Airbus H135) and the Jupiter HT1 (Airbus H145) - both are modern, twin engine, glass cockpit helicopters and will prepare aircrew for their future aircraft types. DHFS is formed of two elements - 2 Maritime Air Wing (2 MAW) and 9 Regiment Army Air Corps (9 Regt AAC). 2 MAW comprises of 660 Squadron AAC, 705 Naval Air Squadron (NAS) and 202 Squadron RAF - it’s primary focus is basic training of both pilots and rear crew. 9 Regt AAC comprises of 670 Squadron AAC and 60 Squadron RAF which focuses on teaching both pilots and rear crew military aviation tactics to prepare them for service on the front line.

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